Jan 16, 2012

Post #201: A Tarot Give-Away!

Been cleaning & organizing, and some of my stuff needs liberating! Please comment below to enter in the give-away, including a way to contact you if you don't have a public Blogger profile or blog. The stuff:
Tarot of the Vampires Deck & Phantasmagoria by Ian Daniels

Tall Dark Stranger: Tarot for Love & Romance by Corrine Kenner

Both are in excellent condition, and have some truly terrific bits, but I'm feeling a great loyalty to my Paulina decks & I just don't use them anymore!  (To be clear, the Vampire is deck + book, the Tall Dark Stranger is just the book. As far as I know, there's no particular deck associated with it. Kenner interprets via the classic Rider-Waite images.) To enter, leave a comment below telling me your favorite Major Arcana card.  I will draw the winner on Friday, January 20th, so commence commenting!


  1. Ooh! That "Tall, Dark Stranger" deck looks sinfully lovely! *^_^* My fave MA card would have to be Strength. I primarily use my Rider-Waite (the first deck I owned, and still have), so my being drawn to it may simply be the imagery of that deck. But the colors, symbols and underlying commentary always pull me in when that card is flipped.

  2. Oh yes please enter me to inherit the Vampire Deck/Book! I've been leaning to the darker path as of late and it is beautiful! And - TAG you're it! http://everymagicalday.wordpress.com/2012/01/16/weve-been-tagged-11-random-things/

  3. Everymagicalday, do tell me your favorite Major Arcana card!

    1. Ooops! Sorry Wizardess! My favorite Major Arcana card is The Empress, number III followed closely by Death, number XIII. The Empress because that is what I strive to be and Death because it symbolizes a new beginning, reminding me that all things will degrade and regrow and cycles will continue. :)

  4. I would love to have these beautiful cards. My favourite Major Arcana card is The Moon.

    blessings & bliss

  5. I'm going to do a separate post to let people know about your give away..great idea..thanks for stopping by ..jackie

  6. Hi there,

    First of all, thanks so much for leaving comments on my blog. That certainly makes blogging extra special! :)

    You are so generous to organize this tarot giveaway -- thanks for the chance. The Star is my favorite card.

    By the way, are you interested in winning a white cotton T-shirt with a pink heart and the words I ♥ Oktoberfest in size L? Then come over to my blog until Sunday, 22nd January, and leave a comment here .

    Have a wonderful 2012,
    your blog friend from Munich, Germany,

  7. I have two favorites, The World and The Lovers.