Jan 21, 2012


Thanks to all who threw their names & favorite Major Arcana in the ring. Always interesting to hear who favors what card. I am a fan of The Magician, especially in the Paulina deck:

But enough about me, let's get to Renee of the Fae, the winner! On her blog, The Woman I Want to Be, she has been chronicling her dream journeys after dousing herself with mugwort tea. Go have a look, and R of the F, please let me know your mailing address.

Congratulations to Renee of the Fae from The Wizardess


  1. What?! That's madness! Thank you!! I'll send you a private massage with my info. *^_^* Paulina's art really draws me in (pun intended...) and makes me want to get back to my own. Thank you for bringing her lovely work to our attentions!!

  2. Hmm...slight glitch. Your email link doesn't seem to be working for me. :/ Could you email me, and I'll respond? renee.wozniak@gmail.com

  3. Congrats to Renee -- she will surely enjoy your generous prize! :)

    So you favor The Magician? The artwork of the card you featured is exquisite.

    Have a great weekend,

  4. Congrats Renee! I've never seen the Paulina deck, The Magician is beautiful, indeed. :) EMD