Feb 12, 2012

Valentine's Day = Aphrodite's Feast

I know that many people hate Valentine's Day. Or at least, some very vocal folks complain about it throughout the internets. But I love it, and take it as a special time to honor Aphrodite. Look at it as a time to honor all kinds of love, not just romantic & sexual. A friend could always use a little heart-shaped card & a bit of chocolate. Aphrodite is also Lady of the Beasts, so take your doggie for TWO walks on 2/14. Get your kitty a feathery toy.

And there is everything good about self-love: Every time you masturbate, the Goddess finds a good home for a little kitten.

So let's open up Heart Day & make it into Aphrodite's Feast! I'm planning a fabulous menu for Tuesday. Let the festivities begin....


  1. Jeez, I guess I've helped place a gazillion kittens over the years!

  2. That gives me another idea! 2/14 should also be "Get a New Vibe/Get Your First Vibe" Day! Not that hands aren't dandy, but variety...:)

  3. Oh. My. Gawd. I didn't think there could possibly one more reason to masturbate.

  4. Lawdy, you've rekindled the appeal of Valentine's day! Who doesn't want to help re-home a kitten? ;)

  5. some kitties are laying on a garbage dump in my name.

  6. HJD: All acts of pleasure & love...are pleasing to the little kittehs.
    Danni: Alone or together, it all works.
    Y. Granny: Yer doin it wrong. :)